A question... for Muslims... non Muslims can answer to?

Uh well, I'm going off to college, and I plan to get a degree and everything. At the same time I want to get into a relationship.

Sooo like how do I ask out a Muslim girl?
I would consider other girls but I have a huge self conscious mind (I don't like it at all).


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  • Let's see... My brother (liberal jewish) tried and is about to fail. She likes him but there's no way that her parents will ever allow them to be together, so it's probably not going to work. We still hope though, she's a nice girl and they would fit together.

    Back in Israel I've seen many cases of which some worked and others failed. It depends on how seriously they take being a Muslima. The serious ones will never marry outside their religion, the liberal ones do it a lot. I have many Jewish-Muslim, Christian-Muslim and Christian-Jewish couples among my friends from Israel.

    After all, if you mean, you need a submissive girl, you can also find them here or somewhere in Asia. Most women there still know their role.

    • Nope, I can't deal with submissive women

    • Then what was your idea about getting a Muslima again? Or did you misunderstand the point I was making?


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  • I don't think race and ethnicity matters as long as you do something she will think is happy


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  • You just have to win a knife fight with her brother or father. After that, just hope she doesn't have uncles or cousins and all will be well.

  • If they are a very devout Muslim and you are not, I would stay away. Most of them are VERY strict about not dating outside their Faith and would most likely reject you outright. And even if they didn't it seems very unlikely that their parents would approve.

    You can still try if you insist but be prepared for disappointment.