Instead of internet stalking me, why doesn't he just call if he misses me that much?

I ended things because I wanted a commitment and he said he wasn't ready. I told him I have to move on. He tried texting me once after I cut him off (it's been almost 3 months) with some bogus excuse (asking me questions and telling me about his life) but I just responded to his question and kept it distant. I also worded it so that it didn't require a response from him. He got the hint that I didn't want to talk to him so he left me alone. The only way I would have spoken to him is if he changed his mind and decided that he wanted to be with me, but instead he sent me a silly text like that.

So anyway I realize now he's internet stalking me. He accidentally liked, then unliked one of my photos on facebook. This isn't hte first time it happened. A couple weeks ago the same thing happend on instagram. He uses the iphone version and if you keep your finger hovered above they'll just accidentally like something. But then he'll unlike right away but he doesn't know I still get the notification that he liked something.

So obviously he misses me why doesn't he just call me and have a serious conversation about us?


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  • He's probably too afraid to say anything even if you do like him back he probably doesn't know it. I also think he isn't going to call you or anything like that so you might have to be the one to call him up and make him make up his mind whether he is still into you or not. And if he still isn't sure just tell him that you have to move on and for him to leave you alone, I would also advise you to unfriend or block him so he can't stalk you anymore and that way you can move on and find someone who is ready and truly invested in you.

    • I'm not sure if I have the courage to open that door to communication again, but I might have to do just that in order to move on. Thanks.

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  • He probably thinks you're not interested anymore

    • but I do still like him which really sucks. trying to move on

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  • yah I'm not sure, maybe like the other guy commented, maybe he thinks you won't talk to him? I'm not sure what to do though. I think you should just leave it alone becuse you dont want to open those doors again if he's just going to behave the same way you know? I think if he really matured and knew what he wanted then he'd come after you but I bet he still doesn'tk now what he wants and if he doesn't know then he really can't like you all that much. u had all this time to move on keep going dont go back.