My boyfriend and I are going to different schools and im scared?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 and a half months. We would always see each other in school and now its summer. He told me he was going to a different school and I was absolutely heart broken. We can't see each other because our parents dont really know we're dating. My mom knows I like him though... Its just we both like each other a lot so we wanted to stay together. Anyways. We talk almost everyday and its really fun talking to him but I always have these thoughts in my head that im going to get replaced. I feel like he is going to meet someone better than me. Someone that makes him happier than I do. I know I should trust him but ugh :/ I like him a lot and I've never been so happy. I just... I keep having these thoughts and im scared to talk to him about it. Please please help.


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  • Sweetie if he cares about you he would stick by your side. Honestly he may flirt with other girls maybe even cheat on you honestly but it will show his true colors and keep watch. Good luck!


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  • Have more faith in yourself girl, you shouldn't worry too much about that, I'm sure he likes you a lot too and that everything will turn out okay. Why don't you tell your parents you're dating?


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