How to show him I'm don't just hook up with any guy?

I went on a first date with a guy, and we ended up hooking up (not sex). I've met this guy several times before and we've already made out, but we did more than make out at the end of the date..

I was (and am) really attracted to him and just wanted him so badly. I initiated it.

I'm worried that he thinks I do the same with other guys, even though I don't! I have never done more than kiss on a first date and I never go home with random guys.

How can I ensure he knows this?


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  • I doubt he is wondering if you are like that on other dates... Tell him only if he brings it up. You bringing it up will probably make him wonder more than he is now. You did nothing wrong, just carry on as you normally would.


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  • Don't mention it. The whole "I don't usually do this sort of thing" is just really annoying and makes me even more suspicious than I originally was. Unless he brings it up, he probably doesn't really care about what you've done in the past.


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  • Just tell him flat out that you're really attracted him and you usually don't act this way, but you can't help yourself because of how he makes you feel.