How much should girls play hard to get nowadays?

Usually, the rule of passion says you are attracted to people who don't show interest & guys you don't like go after you. Maybe the guy you want to be with had it too easy with you & knows he has you wrapped around his finger and he needed the challenge to conquer u and surmount obstacles. What do u think?


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  • A girl can play hard to get with me all she wants, but I won't chase and pursue, because I know there are girls out there who will be straight with me and won't waste my time, so I'll spend my time and energy on those girls.

    • I have not played hard to get at all with him, I gave him the best sex, showed interest, communicated with him. He's the one who communicated once in a while. He would show interest once in a while and was more interested in completing his ESL course. He gets back to me once in a while and says he misses me or thinks about me a lot, but why doesn't he want to see me more or have more initiative. It looks like, since I'm older & more experienced, he wants me to do all the moves, and I'd like him to show more interest.


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  • I dislike games and if you play hard to get many times the guy loses interest and you are there left alone wondering what happened. I think it would be beneficial if people just interacted with one another and if they enjoyed each other's company hang out and get to know each other better, None of this prideful conquering and letting these games control how you interact, ridiculous, but that's me

    • I would love to hang out with him so much, but he does not show interest outside of sex. The problem is that we started with a one night stand, so maybe it's not enough of a challenge for him. He knows he's got me wrapped around his finger already, and that's why I am asking this question.

    • You choose to let him control you. Second, I would never start a relationship with a one night stand.

  • If you show no indication of interest, you can expect the same in return.
    I don't bother to approach women who appear to be disinterested. You could call it conservation of energy. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks like that.

    • I have shown more interest that you can imagine. The guy says he touches a lot thinking about me but he never tries to see me. Do he just want a virtual relationship? He's used to watching p*rn.

  • One thing I will not do is play mind games with a woman.

    • That guy seems to be playing mind games. He communicates a little bit, shows interest, and then nothing for a week or 2.

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