In a guys opinion is there a huge difference between men in their 30's and women in their 40's?

I am 43 by birth but I look, feel and act 33. I want to date a guy that is thirty something but I don't know how my flirtations would be received. I have found that I don't have very much in common with men my age or older so I have been considering a younger guy but have been afraid to approach him with those kind of signals. What is your advice guys?


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  • basically, it all comes down to looks. Take a look in the mirror and be honest: if you think you could be mistaken for the age group you seek, then you are set. Otherwise, the task before you will prove much more difficult - not impossible, but difficult: guys in their thirties spend a lot of time pining over girls in their 20's, so it's not like it's unfair of you to want this - just don't expect any greater success than they have (which isn't much).

    • I really appreciate your honesty. I put a pic on my profile for your opinion. Do I look like I'm in my 30's or 40's.

    • i would have guessed 38, but I've always been really bad at guessing women's ages - especially from a picture.


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  • I think you have a good chance to be able to approach guys in their 30's. I am 30, and I wouldn't mind someone in their 40s approaching me.

    • Why wouldn't you mind? What is appealing about older women?

    • I think now that I myself am getting older, being with a 20 year old isn't very attractive. I'd find a 40 year old more attractive than a 20 year old. I would be guessing that the 40 year old is a bit more mature, and in a similar point in life that I am in.

    • Such as career, goals in life, etc. A 20 year old would still be in school, finding themselves, not sure of career.

  • If you look and act ten years younger, especially if you are attractive and engaging, your age likely will not deter many younger guys from reciprocating your advances or dating you.


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  • Do what young people do.
    Go to the bar/lounge.
    There are men that go there by themselves.
    Try to flirt with them.

  • I'm not a guy but I think it all oils down to the person, everyone has different taste and I think you should throw a few signals at him and see what he does :)