What's your idea of a perfect girl?

Do all guys have different ideas of "perfect"? Or can they all agree one type is the best? I'm just curious


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  • Great smile, beautiful abstract eyes you get lost in just by starring. Long dark hair but it can be lighter. Hair that's real super smooth like silk. Skin that's smooth, clear and vibrant. Delicate nose and ears. Clear jawline, nice proportioned eyebrows and naturally long eyelashes.

    That does it for the face (the most important part lol). Body? Not too big not too small firm breast with smaller areolas and nice curves all around. Love it when hips are prominent on a girl, like that hourglass shape. Beautiful perfect legs and feet (always such a turn on to see. I'm a leg guy). And nicely shaped pussy. Doesn't matter if it's an innie or outie, just as long as it's not funny lookin and can grip a 7 incher real tight :)

    Wow i sound so superficial and shallow when I read this myself but whatevs, you asked the question. This is asking for too much but If any girl has at least 1/3 of these physical traits I'll find her real attractive off the bat.

    This is only appearance. Personality would require me to write an entire book lol.


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  • This is a super subjective question here. What I like in a girl is not the same as what someone else would like. People will say they want an intelligent woman, who is strong willed and whatever whatever. But there are guys out there that like girls who are not any of these.

    my idea of a perfect woman is a woman who can take care of herself, will be self reliant, but also know that she can rely on me. Be independent, but know she can depend on me. Just like I will rely on her and depend on her. A woman who can handle herself and knows where she is going in life. Someone who has goals, dreams and ideals. Someone who has principles and morals. A woman with a heart and soul. Someone who is real.

    As for looks? Im not particular to any one group or ethnicity. But personality makes or breaks whether I think a woman is attractive or not.

    • That's just the kind of woman I try to be 😄

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    • The young men of this generation could learn a few things from you haha

    • I've been called old fashioned and out dated because of my beliefs and ideals.
      But I appreciate it that my dear
      *tips hat*

  • Well have our own ideas of perfection.

    Skinny, toned, and curvy figure
    Wide hips
    Big ass

    Good sense of humor
    High sex drive
    Able to appreciate the small things in life

  • IF we all agreed on one being 'perfect' that chick would be pretty worn out. Be thankful we all like different things.

  • perfect would be if she can show me just as much affection as I have shown her.

  • My idea of a perfect girl I doubt would be the same as any other guy. What I'm really into I don't think is that common.

  • I don't think there is a "perfect" anything in existance, so no, I don't think that all guys will agree that one type of girl is the best.

  • Well i can be sure and telling you they have different ideas of perfect ! because me & my best friend, hopefully, all the time had diferent kind of gf :D

    I mean we never had proble to like a girl :D

  • Outgoing can make me laugh long dark hair and big breasts

  • blonde hair blue eyes and 160-170 height :)))


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