Girl staired at me what does it mean?

Yea well I'm in college and in one of my classes theirs this girl that I'm confused about. I sit in the front left row and this girl sits on the right in the back at the other side of the class but when sometimes I look back I see the girl looking at me. today the professor was away from me and everyone was looking at him and when I looked back she was looking at me. She didn't look away she maintained eye contact. I was already smiling before I look back so I turned smiling but she was serious. other times when I see her with her friend out of class its like I dont exist to her. what does it mean. I'm shy and I dont know how to read social cues so I'm a bit confused. like a year ago I was at a restaurant with a friend and the waitress was flirting and giving me like flirtous looks. I didn't know what was going on. I thought that the girl was nice and liked to talk also I was like why is she looking at me like that that's weird. not until we leave my friend told me what just happend and why didn't I make a move. anyway any help


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  • I think that she finds you intriguing. Of course, if you were laughing loudly or doing something like that, then it's normal for someone to look. But that doesn't seem to be the case. Even though she isn't smiling, the eye contact was a good sign. She is could be shy and acts like you don't exist when around her friends to conceal any feelings she has for you. You could casually talk to her and see how she responds. Good luck.


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  • It could mean anything... Are you hot? Are you artistic? It could mean anything She did not flirt with you though. You know better you the one who knows how she looks at you and everything. Follow your feeling in the situation.

    • I don't know in that situation I felt like leave me the f alone and what do u mean by you know better you the one who knows how she looks at you and everything you lost me there

    • So you dont like what she's doing you want her to stop it?

  • Just be nice, if she's attracted to you, wouldn't that be nice?
    Anyway, don't think too much, be a gentlemen


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