How can I move on? help me move on?

i was rejected by this girl who i thought liked me even her friend came and told me that she liked me and i accepted that she doesn't like me but i am having trouble moving on. i still like her and i just want to stop liking her and now im crushing on another girl but i still like this girl. is that ok?


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  • It's ok. It takes time to stop thinking about somoene when all the emotions are attached. Just try focusing more on this new girl

    • yes i will focus on her though she'll probably reject me too.

    • You can't go in with that mindset, go in confident yet humble and hope for the best. While the possibility of rejection is there, so is the possibility of acceptance. Think Schrodinger's cat, it is dead and alive until you open the box.

    • you're right, thank you :) :)


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  • Every one has a girlfriend that breaks up with them or a crush who does not like them or a person who rejects them. if that girl was crazy enough to reject you then she does not know who she is missing out on. you should focus on the other girl and be confident. also it's ok to like or crush on more than one person. good luck

  • This is totally relateable and anyone could understand, but you'll have to come to the point where you realize they don't have the same feelings. She probably didn't deserve you anyways. Don't be hard on yourself :-)

    • i know, i've accepted it, i just hate seeing her.

    • Totally normal, try avoiding situations with her

    • i will, but i don't hate her tho, i just don't want to be around her.

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  • Its all time.. Just give yourself time.. Don't get too hard on yourself.. Your going to get over her

    • yes i know but she rejected me a month ago, so i thought i'd be over her by now.