What does a kiss on the forehead mean?

My ex he would always kiss me on my lips and after on my forehead before he would leave. And one time he asked me if I knew what a kiss on the forehead meant and I told him I didn't know then he told me to find out that all he could tell me is that am special to him cause am the only one he does that to. And right now were just friends and he still does it,i want you guys to tell me your meaning of a forehead kiss?


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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlLDR0SAGms

    A kiss on the lips before he leaves is something that is almost second nature now to any couple. A kiss on the forehead means that there's something more in that relationship. He wants to be there for you even if you guys are just friends. Its unfortunate that you guys broke up, but this guy seems like he truly cares about you. I'm guessing he doesn't do this to all of his other female friends, so you'll probably still mean that much more to him than everyone else.

    • Wow it is kinda true thanks

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  • It means he REALLY cares about you. When guys kiss me on the forehead, I like it more than anywhere else because it means a lot more. It is like. A kiss in the rain.

    Many guys hate showing that kind of affection. But when they do; its just really cute.

    So he cares about you, and likes you a lot regardless of anything like a break-up!


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  • It means we really APPRECIATE you aside from sex...it's a real compliment. I hope it happens to you many times!

  • A forehead kiss is a high form of adoration. It means that the guy doesn't only like/love you but also adores you, feels responsible for you in a way that is beyond mere sexual or mental desire. It is selfless. I hope this guy is genuine and isn't abusing this symbol of extreme affection.

    ~ wiseman

    • I agree 100%

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    • Totally brought me to tears 😪 I sure hope this is my case, well said wiseman1

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      @heyu956 hi the same thing happen to me he always kisses me on my forehead bt he said he can't remember what it means bt I promise I like it, it makes me feel so good ND wanted ND he cares more for me.

  • That would be "Hey I can't have you. And you can't have me! " so lets stay friends. Mostly close friends or even friends in general do that kiss.

  • As the others said, I won't kiss any girl on the forehead unless I truly care for her and want to look out for her.

    Kissing a girl on the forehead is akin to the love and support one would get from a parent. If you think about it, I think it even has its origins in this as many parents would kiss their (small) kids good night or when they are heading out on the forehead.

  • A kiss on the forehead I would say that he deeply cares about you. That he protects you and feels as if your really special. I think its a sign that he is showing you that he would be there for you when you need him.

  • Don't listen to the video they are wrong. To kiss someone on the forehead is to say you love them. Were as a kiss on the lips mean you want to get in there pants. But when I say Love I don't mean Romantic Love, but True Love, like the love of a Parent to a child, or a child to a parent, like the love between siblings, and yes the love a significant other. I this type of love is the strongest kind of love, because I has no end, and to kiss someone on their forehead you are kissing them on the third eye chakra which is the gateway to the soul.

    • wow, that's deep.

    • @Sissy27 that is deep love it

    • I broke down and called my friend who we both feel in love with each other but do to some circumstances we stayed as friends and he hold me so tight with reassurance near his chest that he gentle lifts my head n he kissed my forehead that I felt at ease knowing we share a special bond and that he truly loves me knowing he is there when I needed him! So I truly agree a gateway to the soul that my heart calm down knowing this special feeling had a great affect on each other!

  • In my opinion a kiss on the forehead is one of the most clear signs of deep feelings, love and respect for the other person. I kiss my girlfriend on the forehead quite often, and it's the first girl I've ever done that with. Didn't do that with my previous girlfriends. And I know I haven't feel the same way with all of them.

  • I kissed a girl on the hand once.. not like take a knee, pull their hand up and kiss it kind of Romeo and Juliet stuff, just sitting chatting, then just did it. She seemed really happy I did it though? She kind of giggled and said "Aww thanks :D" So I don't know, maybe it has similar meaning to a forehead kiss..

  • In my culture a kiss on the forehead means ''you are my honour'' at a wedding when the groom is told to kiss the bride it is always on the forehead.We believe in death before dishonour so this means more than saying ''I love you'' .

    • What culture are you from. I'm interested to know because I am dating a Japanese guy and he kisses me on the forehead and I am wondering if it translates the same way in different cultures.

    • R you from Japan originally? I am not but I kinda wish I was hence my username (egg=Euro outside Asian inside) I love Japanese culture and am wondering if the honour thing still goes on there?

  • Man, you probably are the love of his life. There was one girl that I have only done little things like that with. Pretty cool.

  • It means that she doesn't only love you. It means that you're the most important person for him, that you are part of his happiness (if not his happiness itself ) It means that god only knows the way he feels about you. That he has always loved you, that he loves you and that he will always love you. That he will always be there for you no matter what you say or do. That he will always forgive you :'(

    I'm telling you this because in my 30 years I've only kissed "one girl" in the forehead a girl , a girl that I don't only love, a special someone I'll never forget.

    So yeah consider yourself fortunate, For some of us kissing a girl in the forehead is the ultimate act of passion.

    Please forgive me ! I'll never forget you Ashley :'( !

    • Agree 100% I have done that only once as well and can say it's not something I do lightly. I can kiss cousins on the forehead but a loving passionate kiss there is exactly what he said.

      A non verbal affirmation that you are the most important person in the world right now and a gift he only wishes he deserved. Take it as an extreme compliment, if it is done in the context of more kissing on the lips it is high praise.

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    • Aww I just teared up :'(

    • Omg I've just nearly cried!

      I hope she forgave you!

  • I agree with him. I just had a tough relationship with my ex because we had started dating when we graduated high school and when she went off to college which was 2 hours away from where I was she begun to lose entrust because I couldn't always be there for her to like watch movies or do anything with her. So she said the distance just wasn't working out and so when she explained her reasoning it broke my heart for one because she was my first decent relationship and she meant a lot to me. So after months of not really knowing where our relationship stood i finally understood that she had moved on and found another guy at her school and it was time for me to do the same. She said that she was happy and told me that I deserved to be happy as well because I was too good of a guy to her and that I was too good of a guy to not be hapoy either. So beofre she left back to school with 5 ears in my eyes I gave her a big tight hug and kissed her on the for head to let her know that she was my first love and always would be and that she would always have a special place in my heart. - Jonathan Husley

  • Well it is exactly what he said it is, which is you are "special"...I've only done this with 2 women before and that's because they meant a lot to me and cause they are special to me.

  • when a guy kisses you on the forehead it means that he is giving you the utmost honor, the importance of a knighthood :) funny but it's true, forehead kiss signifies a deep love, a grand love.

  • As a boy, my grandmother would kiss me on the forehead whenever I visited her. My father told me it was a blessing.

  • lol I did that once, to the first woman I loved. unfortunately, it was at a time where we became friends after we split. It was my way of saying she's still a special part of my life w/o actually saying it you feel me?

  • if I were to kiss a girl on the forehead it would mean I really love her, and she means everything to me. a kiss on the lips to me is a bit more dirty and shows slight sexual innuendo, I wouldn't necessarily kiss a girl on the lips - if I were married to the girl then I would kiss on the lip - a lot. I guess to me, the kiss on the forehead is more of a kiss that says I really really love you, and I totally respect you and your position in this relationship.

    • Maybe you should replace Matt. You had a lot better of an answer than he did. That's what I mean by a kiss on the forehead...

    • I know, right...!!?!

    • i agree with you 100% .Today my boyfriend and I got into this big argument about this...he said its stupid to think of a forehead kiss having so much meaning...when he kissed me on my forehead last year..I was like WOW..he really loves me...and I asked him "do you find its special?"..he replied " no, I can't remember how much girls I kissed there.". I was so devastated, I just started to cry. I thought I was the only one!..he kisses hs normal friends there. what do I do?

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  • What about when a guy friend kisses you on the cheek? What does THAT mean? I have a girlfriend of mine, and her guy friend will usually give her a hug, and gives her a peck on the cheek. Does that mean that he's secretly into her? Or does he love her more like a friend?

  • My boyfriend always does this and I love it. I'm his first serious relationship and he's mine too but I've had a few sorta serious relationships and nobody ever kissed me on my head before, just on the lips but me and my boyfriend were laying together and he kissed my forehead, cheek, and then he took my hand and laid it across him and then picked it up and kissed it like in a sorta sequence and it was so cute! Now he kisses my cheek a lot and he'll take my hand and kiss it or when we leave and have a moment alone, he's a lot taller than me to just to add haha, he'll take my face in his hand and kiss my forehead then he'll kiss my lips and say "I love you" ❤️
    I love him haha and like I said this is his first serious relationship and it's both of our first times ever saying "I love you" to our significant others and it's my first time being regularly kissed on the forehead by a guy so I think it's a first love/I really care about you type of thing. :)

  • This is really what it means! (Forever you will be mine). And it's true I'm not kidding!

    • I have no doubt that that is true - but I am just wondering what drew you to such a consice definition? Was it past experience? Thanks =)

  • a kiss on the forehead is adorable. its is a sign of care and love

  • I believe kiss on the forehead means they respect you and love you in the deepest way possible and I beloved it s of aceptance

  • it means he loves you forever :) that's the true meaning of it...

  • I have a different situation, I have been dating someone for over a year and he kisses me on the forehead occasionally he obviously kisses me on the lips as well so I know Matt and Tamsen are incorrect about it meaning that the do not want anything more than friendship. I believe a kiss on the forehead means that they love you, respect you and care deeply about you and yes they want to protect you (btw good thing!). Its a good thing and I feel special when I receive one!

  • I should say that he's really care about you a lot, that he'll always be there for you.protecting, support, love and respect

  • I think a kiss on the forehead is the cutuest thing in the world! There is this guy friend of mine that always said I was like a little sister to him so we could never date. But we had feelings for each other but he would NEVER try anthing on me. Well he kissed me on the forehead one night and it was so awesome. So I think it means they really care about you and think about you a lot and will be your protector.

  • The forehead kiss is usually whipped out when the guy feels as comfortable around you as you feel and he wants you to know how much he cares about you without words. It's the kiss that means he loves you. The kiss that lets you know he's got your back. The kiss that separates the "I love you" from the "I'm in love with you."

  • My fiancĂ© kisses me on the forehead when I'm sad or upset. I asked him why and he told me that he is being a friend to me since I needed it. I kiss him on the forehead out of love and respect. I guess it can go either way, depending on the person. We were best friends before we fell in love so it makes sense that he would kiss me on the forehead. It is cute and sweet when he does it, like he is saying "Everything will be fine."

  • 20 years ago, I dated a guy and we fell in love. He started kissing me in my forehead after we fell in love. One day, I asked him why did he kiss me there. I liked it, I just wanted to know why. He told me it was because I was his and he was mine and the love he has for me is more than can be explained. We were young then, but our love wasn't if you understand that. Unfortunately, we broke up. It was a heartbreaking break up. I was close to his sister so, I stayed touch with them for about a year after he and I broke up. After awhile, I lost contact with them.
    May 2014, this friend request pops up on my FB with the name of this woman I recognized, but couldn't remember where I know the name from. When it dawned on me that it was his little sister, I accepted, and I was excited about getting back in contact with her. The very next day, I get a IM from her brother. Now, at first I didn't respond. I didn't know what to do. So, I waited a day. The next day, he hits me up again in the IM asking if I remembered him and he described a Valentine's Day gift I got for him on year. Laughing, I responded and thus began our getting back in contact.
    I saw him a few months later. He draped his arms around me in a huge embrace, and he kissed me on my forehead. The action was so natural, that I didn't question it. He tells me, "It's been a long time since I kissed your forehead." And he kisses it again and hugs me tighter.
    His explanation of the forehead kiss 20 years ago is still as true now, as it was then. We have this connection that is indescribable. It's this connection that even though I hadn't seen him 20 years, it's like what we meant to each other then, means the same now. We both have married and divorced. We have even discussed our break up and he said that was one of his regrets. So, the meaning of a forehead kiss is deeper than a normal kiss. It's a love that is unmatched and deeper than many of us know. And it lasts even after the person is no longer there.

  • My fiance has always done this to me. Granted he is 2' taller than me, but I asked him myself why he hardly ever kisses me on the lips and always on the forehead. He said, when a man kisses a woman on the forehead it is a term of endearment. It means she means more to him than just a roll in the sack and that he truly cherishes her. I used to always get mad that he never kissed me on the lips but when he explained it to me (and of course I asked others) I didn't mind it so much anymore. I miss those forehead kisses now and would give anything to get one.

  • If he kisses me on the forehead all the time what does that Mean :)

  • So my boyfriend kissed me on my forehead along him behind so what can that mean?


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  • Its kinda cute my husbend does it all the time I never knew the meaning he will hug me nd than kiss my forehead its cute makes me feel special

  • means affection and protection.

  • Well My ex use to do the samething, but I think it is a meaning of still caring for you no matter what he will always be there for you and he will always have feelings too. you are just so special to him

  • If someone kisses you on the forehead it means he loves you and you are extremely special to him. Kissing your cousins on the forehead is just something family members do. But I think that if someone kisses someone and means it in a different way they should tell that person, because you don't want that person to get the wrong idea. That person could ultimately fall in love with you and you wouldn't feel the same way about them. So do it, but tell them how you feel either before or after.