Your opinion on girls/guys with braces?

What do you think about dating someone with braces? would you do it or is it just a no-go?
Do you just think that he/she will get it off soon anyways, and have perfect teeth by then, or are you not able to accept the fact that she/he is wearing something that (probably) makes them less attractive, right now?
If you have reached that age where girls/guys normally don't wear braces anymore, then just pretend you are a teenager^^

  • I don't care if she/he is wearing braces.
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  • I would never date a girl/guy with braces.
    17% (1)0% (0)8% (1)Vote
  • I think it's cute.
    16% (1)17% (1)17% (2)Vote
  • I would only date her/him, if he/she was guaranteed to get them of soon
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  • Well i mean they only temporary, do NOT obsess over this, trust me a few years from now you'll be so very glad you had braces and you;ll look beautiful in your prime.


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  • I never would judge a girl cause she wears braces
    i would love her for who she is

  • I find people with braces attractive because they are so cute when they smile. Plus they will have better looking teeth. I used to have braces :)

  • as long as she doesn't slice my dick her braces it's ok.


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