Should I be weirded out by this guy?

So I met this guy who lives in the UK while he was on a business trip in the US. We went on one date and have been talking through email and Skype every day since for about 2 months since he went back home. In a month and a half hell be coming back to the US to come see me and for a birthday vacation to himself since I'm showing him all the highlights of my city and everything while he's here. We've both admitted to liking one another but we're still taking baby steps (aside from him buying a ticket!). Is it all too soon though? Should I be worried that he's coming back to see me so soon?


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  • What to worry? You went on a date, and have been in daily contact since. It's been two months since you have seen him. Wouldn't it be nice to see him? You like him. Go for it!


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  • No. Dont be worried, be happy.