He never wants to see me on weekends?

I've been seeing this guy for a couple months. I usually
Work weekends but lately I've been having the weekends off. This guy has a house down the shore for the summer and last night I never texted him to tell him I was going to be down the shore. I ended up running into him and he asked me why I didn't text him but i felt like he should have asked me knowing I was off. I asked him last night what he was doing the next day he said going to beach but never invited me. ge asked me to go to dinner with him on Monday.

Why doesn't he ever want to hang out on weekends I don't get it?


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  • I understand that you want him to show initiative in asking you to hang out but he could honestly just want a few days to himself, but also, if you really want to see him you should ask to see him. It would be a bigger issue if you asked to make plans and he said no. If neither of you asked to hang out, then I don't think anyone should be in the dog house you know? And he did ask you out for Monday, so I'd say that's a pretty good sign. There is a chance there could be someone else, but honestly, he may have just gotten used to having his weekends to himself while you were working. We all need time to ourselves, he's just trying to claim that. Good luck! :)


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  • Since he asked you out on the Monday I wouldn't bother... he cares for you and that's what matters.
    When you see him on Monday, propose him to do something together nex week end.
    See what happens. Hopefully it proofs your worries were wrong :-)

  • I would venture to guess that he is just wanting some of his own space. Y'all aren't that closely knit just yet so I wouldn't bother reading too much into it. Enjoy the time you get with him and and worry about college or something useful.


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  • He either wants time to himself or is seeing someone.