Can someone help me please I'm having relationship problems?

My boyfriend of two years has been an overprotective asshole and it's gotten worse, I need help. He gets really mad when I hang out with my friends of the same sex and she's leaving for college soon so I won't see her as much as I see him, which is every single day. I have taken breaks lately to see my friend. He calls me bullheaded, and is a hypocrite and won't listen to my side of the story, never will. Can someone please help me, I need real advice?


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  • There's a difference between being overprotective and controlling. You need to stand up to him, not in an aggressive or confronting way, but by talking to him with confidence and demeanor that sends him a message saying "your opinion isn't going to sway me".

    If he continues to go off because he's not getting his way, tell him how his actions make you unhappy, scared, or less attracted to him. If he ever starts to yell, act aggressively or starts being unnecessarily mean, you should immediately walk away from the conversation and tell him you're happy to discuss it but only after he's calmed down. Emotions cloud rational thought and nothing substantial ever comes from a discussion with an over-emotional person.

    Do spend time with your friend and don't let his actions make you feel guilty or bad for doing so. Listen to a song that cheers you up, go for a jog, or watch a tv show to reset your emotions and put it behind you, before you go out and have a good time with your friends.

    • Oh and above all, stay calm when you talk to him. Don't sink to his level by calling him names, accusing him of stuff, or yelling. By displaying maturity and strength, you will make him realise how childish he's being.


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  • Doesn't sound like there's anything you can do except break it off so you have to ask yourself, which is more important, your freedom or your boyfriend. it may seem like I'm exaggerating but I've known relationships like that and when the guy starts acting like that he doesn't stop until the girl leaves and he no longer has any power over her, so my advice is to choose between being free to do whatever you want or willingly allow yourself to be put in a cage made by him.

  • He's not very mature. He's got a sense of entitlement that he got from who knows where.


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