I Need Help!!! all Guys Please Help?

How do I know if this guy likes me
He calls me cute and pretty and never once has he called me sexy , beautiful , gorgeous. Or even Fine...
Has he put me in the friend zone?


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  • He may have likely put you in the "friend zone."

    However, if he is younger, he may prefer to say "cute" or "pretty." Or maybe he thinks you're out of his league, and doesn't want to over-flatter you, potentially pushing you away. Could maybe be a case he's been conditioned to believe that calling a woman "sexy," "beautiful," and/or "gorgeous" is too forward, or a form of sexual harassment, and doesn't want to risk getting into trouble.

    If you're interested in him, you may likely have to make the first move. If you're too shy to make the first move, or too old-fashioned to make the first move, I'd do this. When you're hanging out with him, use those words "beautiful," "gorgeous," and "sexy" as often as possible to describe people and things around you two. He may become more comfortable using these words to describe and compliment you then.


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  • I rarely compliment others so from my point of view he is physically attracted to you. But note that a relationship requires more than simply physical attraction. I personally wouldn't call a friend 'cute' or 'pretty', I would feel awkward saying that to a friend unless she was feeling down and out.

  • Probably not. Guys almost never do that. But he may be after someone else also, right now. If he's spending any real amount of time with you, and spending time to complement, it almost 100% means that he likes you.

  • just because he hasn't called you sexy or whatever doesn't mean he put you in the (dreaded) "friend zone". i rarely give out compliments to women and i've dated women for months without ever telling them how i feel about their looks.


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