Lately my boyfriend has been kinda sorta really annoying?

So lately my boyfriend has been acting kinda annoying in general. Like he's being really really touchy feely. I know I shouldn't be getting this annoyed but I am. Like I come back from class and if he sees me in the halls he has to kiss me. And then especially in front if his friends he always wants to make out. Oh and lets not forget about the time when I was talking to one of his friends and then he got all pissy and started kissing my neck in the freaking school hallways then and I quote said "Oh Ellie, you've been a naughty girl." Like ummm no I haven't been a bad girl, last time I checked I'm getting good grades, I have a lot of friends and I'm involved in school. Like, It's come to the point that I'm thinking of breaking up with him. This is just some of the annoying things he does. Seriously though, there's a time and a place for everything and school, in front of teachers, my parents and my friends is not the place to get all touchy feely ugh. Am I the one who's being a bad girlfriend? Like am I getting irritated too easily do you think? Or should I just break up with him?


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  • He's immature, sounds like a show off. Set him straight or let him go.


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  • Talk to him about it. Tell him you don't like it when he makes your relationship a show, that kissing is alright but not always. I went through the same thing and we talked and we're all good now. If he starts being a jerk after you tell him... Dump him he's not worth it. Take it easy honey 😊