Any you peeps know what I should do?

There is this lady Im really into, I see her almost every day and we are always talking (she usually dominates the conversations though), she is also really smart a beautiful, but i dont think it would be appropriate of me to make a move on her considering she's my teacher... what should I do?


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  • First off, fucking love your picture dude. Second, I don't think its a good idea to make a move on your teacher, if you really like her than wait until after your done with the class, otherwise she can get in serious trouble.

    • Id compliment yours but that would make me kinda gay, hmm not the first time that sentience has come out of my mouth...

    • Lmao that must've been awkward for both of ya ;P

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  • She dominates the conversation because she wants to make age a clear separation for you. sorry I don't think she likes you back.

  • Don't do it! Situation doesn't call for it.


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  • I think that you should pursue her anyways considering that it is her who has more at stake than you do. Allow me to explain, the disadvantages to pursuing girls in general is that feelings of attachment may arise, or you may get blown off. Now on the opposite token, the teacher is assuming a great risk, so she will not push for a relationship and you're likely to have a great time and she would never treat you like dirt (that's how leverage works) and on top of that, you're probably going to have an improved grade, depending on how well you satisfy her whims.

    I really can't see why not.