Help? I need urgent help please!!?

This guy I have known since high school just asked me out on a date cause we have been hanging out lately but I only see him as a friend, how can I so no without hurting his feelings?

Thanks everyone! He took it well.


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  • Men are blunt. Reject him bluntly and politely, and preferable in a safe place.

    • How do I do that?

    • "Sorry i don't see you like that. I think we should just be friends."


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  • Well basically you can't. What you can do is be kind and compassionate about it, Let him know right away. Tell him, "you're an attractive guy and I know you'll meet someone who is utterly thrilled to be your lover. I can't make the change from friend to lover, sorry, I'd still love to be friends though if you aren't too pissed off.

    Make it clear with no room for him to think their could be a second chance if you re-considered it. It will save you both pain in the future, he'll get over it. At your age he'll probably find another girl an is turning to you, most likely because he doesn't want to make that scary leap into unknown and ask someone he doesn't know at all. That happened to me, or at least similar, I was upset for about 36 hours. That year I dated more beautiful girls than I ever have in 1 year before, Forgot all about it. It was a cheap attempt to get a GF just because I thought I should have one (my parents had both died when I was 14)

  • Say no and don't worry about his feelings...

    • Really why?

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    • He will survive, you having to walk on eggshells to try and constantly massage the relationship by not being honest will be torturous.

    • Guys appreciate honesty...

  • You can't. Just tell him how you feel, and it will sting a little, but he's going to get over it. That's the best you can do. Let him down with the least pain possible. (It will never be painless.)

    If it is something he can't get over, then it's his problem and not yours.


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  • Just don't do what I did to some poor guy from high school from the past... Put ice cubes in his beer if he comes to your house to meet your parents. lol... How inexperienced I was then... And at the movies, when he put his arm around me, I froze up. When he took me home, and tried to give me a good nite kiss, I just gave him a peck on the cheek. I think my hints were------Subtle and stinging.
    Doug and I were really good friends up until we both graduated, but I could Never see myself as Anything More with him. More like Big brother bond. I wish I had had the decency to had let him know Then that I really thought enough of him as my dearest friend, but nothing more. I probably could have saved Myself the embarrassment, and he and I could have remained best buds. Our first date proved it. I saw ever saw him after that...
    In order to save your day And Hopefully your friendship, if he is Trying to bring boinkers across that he Might want More, you need to be straightforward and just explain to him that although you both go back some, you have always just 'liked' and Respected him, being friends to the end is most likely the best you can do, and you hope he and you can always be good friends.
    If he doesn't understand, perhaps you may Not get another chance, get to even This First 'Date,' Nor even a second, but at least you would have been honest with your blast from the past.
    However, I have been fooled even in situations like these. I have actually been very good friends with someone , thinking I would Never ever Like them, and then wow! It hits you like a ton of bricks and suddenly you see them in a different light. This could happen to you when you would least expect it.
    Perhaps if you would go on the 'date.' you could find this could happen to you. But before you would, it is better to tell him how you feel, and tell him for now anyways, you just want to be friends.
    Good luck. xx

  • jst b honest, and tell him, he will take the pain because it was the truth u said... Good luck...