He always makes me feel like everything is my fault?

I'm dating a guy who makes me feel bad about myself and makes me feel guilty about things I shouldn't feel guilty about. Even things that are not my fault, I find myself apologizing for because it's easier to apologize then deal with the cold shoulder.

I'm getting so frustrated by this though. I'm so frustrated that I feel this way. Im frustrated at him and myself.

I don't want to end things but what other options do I have? I don't want to feel bad about myself

Help please


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  • Break up with him! He is manipulating you!

    You have no option but to end it. Don't be an idiot trust me. Been there before and it was horrible. He's going to screw you up pretty bad for any future relationships. This isn't going to last anyway it will only end bad, and the longer you are in it the more it'll damage you and the longer it'll take for you to move on and become healthy again for your next relationship.

    Break up with him. It'll be hard I know I've been there. But get out, then ask yourself why you needed to be in a relationship with someone like him... ask yourself WHY you are letting someone treat you like this. That's what I had to do and I have learned a lot about myself.

    • You're right, it's just hard leaving something that's comfortable, but it's something I need to do. He's not good for me :(

    • I know I had a really hard time getting away from him. For me it wasn't because I was comfortable, for me it was because the first few months were amazing and then all of a sudden he changed and started to treat me really bad, putting me down, making me feel like shit, blaming EVERYTHING on me. He would disappear sometimes and ignore my attempts to contact him for days and then call me and blame me for it. It was horrible. He was constantly trying to mess with me and manipulate me. Turns out he was just crazy and I was too good for him.

      Just move on believe me you don't want to be in this any longer. Get out of your comfort zone. Don't be like everyone else and just do what's EASY. Life isn't supposed to be easy. People who work hard are those who get more out of life.


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  • Then don't end things until you have talked with him if he changes for the better then great but if not then end it. you should give him a chance to change and you need to stop apologizing for things you can't control. Don't get me wrong if you really do something bad apologize but don't apologize for things you have no control over.

  • Well... since you can't seem to do a fucking thing right... maybe its best that you vanish... problem solved.
    and if he tries to sweet talk you to see him again... ignore him... he should be happy that his little trouble maker isn't bothering him anymore... I think he's an asshole... :Π]

    If you do disappear and he tries to you back... you need to remember all the unnessesary be littling you apolagized for... and under no circumstances should you ever have to explain it to him...
    As if he's too innocent to know how to treat a lady... and needs to be told.

  • That's pretty easy, if you really like him you talk to him tell him how you feel either he says he's sorry and he gradually gets better or it sparks an argument and if it sparks an argument then it's gonna go on and its not worth it break up with him

  • Break up with him. He's manipulating you.


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  • "I'm dating a guy who makes me feel bad about myself".

    That's enough for me.

    You're too good to date anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself. No matter the reason. Relationships should make you feel (mostly) happy and (mostly) confident. Not bad. Never bad.

    • Thank you, you're right

  • You deserve a guy that will treat u like a princess and risk his life for you. Don't take anything else. Remember Tobermory happy and remember what u deserve. But stay strong! X

  • Why exposed yourself in that kind of situations? Not worth it. He is supposed to make you feel a better person, not a bad one. You either stay with him knowing is not a healthy relationship or move on. Your choice.