What do you guys think? does he like me?

so me and this guy have been hanging out. we started off as just friends, we would hang out and just talk. and we agreed to bein just friends. and then everything kind of just happened. we have been seeing eachother for a little over a month. he's taken me to the movies, I've met his friends (and they love me) and I've met his cousin. is already met his dad because his dad owns the company we both work at. I'm 19 and he is 28. he asks me to hang out every night after we get out of work (for the most part. sometimes every other night when he has his son). he talks to me about his son all the time too. the other night I even noticed a picture of us is his back ground on his phone. my question is, why won't he tell me he likes me, or ask me out? I feel like he likes me but I don't get why he won't just tell me.

he even had me leave my bathing suit and a pair of flip flops at his house


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  • Hmmm, it does seem pretty strange that he won't tell you but nonetheless he likes you in some way, it being romantically or as just a good friend.


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