I'm a little freaked out, is this moving too fast?

I went on two greats dates with a guy and we've been texting every day for the past two weeks. The problem is that he's pushing for things to move fast and it's making me feel pressured and a little freaked out. He told me that he likes me, he has talked about me to his family, and he keeps saying that he's really excited about this.
Am I just overthinking it, or is this weird?


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  • He's in a hurry to get you into bed. That's hardly unusual... I wouldn't call it weird!

    • So you don't think it's sincere?

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    • All the texting, and the fact you are feeling pressured

    • Very insightful, thanks again!
      One more question, sorry haha. So if I were to hook up with him, do you think he'd disappear?


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  • you might be overthinking but also you feel under pressure for a reason. go at your own pace.

  • Short answer is that if he's making you uncomfortable, then just tell him. If he genuinely does like you, then he should understand and adjust accordingly.


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  • Moving too fast in what ways?

    • Like he just seems to like me a lot after knowing me for just a short period of time

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    • If he wants you to meet the family already and you're uncomfortable, tell him.

    • Okay, thanks!