Anyone have a Tinder success story?

I am just recently out of a long term relationship, so it's been several years since I've actually had to go out and meet people to get a date.

I've been considering giving Tinder a try, but I don't, personally, know anyone that's ever used it. The stories that I've read online are mixed, and I don't know how much they are to be believed.

I'm just wondering if anyone has had any positive experiences with using this app, or if it's just a farce? Has anyone had any really negative experiences that I should be concerned about? Are the people on Tinder just looking for hookups, or actual relationships?

Thanks in advance!


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  • I met my boyfriend on Tinder. At first I never expected I would find someone special cause most people are only looking for hookups there but now Im happy I started using this app. We have been in a relationship for a month now and we are both very happy :)
    You should try it out!

    • Thank you for the positive response. I'm very happy for you and your boyfriend, and it seems more and more that this might be worth a try, after all.

    • No problem! Im glad my opinion helped :)


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  • I dated someone from tinder. It eventually became long distance and didn't work out.


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  • I've tried Tinder a little bit here and there. So far, I've been successful with two different women, but nothing has fully developed from either or as of yet. Sept with one, and we're still going out on dates once a week. The other is a workaholic, and we go on dates whenever both have time (I expect nothing from this one). There's been of course a lot of flirting with some, but so far... a lot of the women just want to hook up. Not bad for those who want such a thing, but I've been there and done that plenty in my past.

    Tinder is like an evolved form of speed dating. Basically pushing a button saying, "I'd tap that." or "Nope!".

    • Thank you for the response. That gives me a better idea of what I should expect.

  • ima park here. im curious to see some answers.

    • Pull up a chair, lol.

      Hopefully there are some good responses.

  • I've got a mate who found a long term relationship on there. And now they have moved in together.