I became "the intern" and now what?

I have been working with this guy for a few weeks now as an intern. This weekend we ended up hanging out the entire weekend, and hooked up. He seemed really interested in me all weekend and like he wanted me around. But, at work he hasn't acknowledged that anything out of the ordinary happened although we have been around each other a lot. I also haven't heard from him at all outside of work. Should I do something to show him I had a great time (if so what?). Or should I just wait and hope that he makes a move? I'm worried he will think I'm not interested.

Thanks! Maybe I should clarify that there was only the one weekend of the romance. So how do I not become a one-weekend stand? Plus the issue with the work relationship isn't a big deal considering I will only be there working with him until August.
Should I ask him to hang out again?


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  • Keep work and personal life separate. Your colleague doesn't want everyone in the office to know you're both seeing each other, so I'd say respect his wishes. If you're able to keep things cordial at the office, he'll be quite thankful, once you're outside the office just resume the romance. Just remember the anxiety that he's experiencing: if things don't work out, he doesn't want it exploding in his face at work, he wants to have the reassurance that things will at least be back to normal.


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  • For me, work related romances are a bit of a tricky situation, especially if you work with the person. I've been there and had the screaming argument in the office for all to see... not good!

    There's no harm in letting him know you had a good time but my advice, keep it strictly outside of work.

  • You probably are the one weekend stand... especially since you're an intern that's not going to be there any longer.

    Don't make ANY slightest hint of a relationship between you and him while at work.

    Once your internship is over, he may want to see u more often since the work conflict wouldn't be there anymore

  • Monica, this is wrong all the way around.


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