Is he into this or what? i'm wondering why he said that I am his girl. his girl as in a relationship or what? pls?

So, we've known each other for several weeks. After the first kiss, he instantly calls me "babe or baby". he contacts me everyday, always be the first one to say hello in the morning. last night, he told me that "you are my girl". then i asked, "what's that supposed to mean?" and he said, yeah lemme put this straight. you are my girl. i'm not seeing anyone else, and i don't want to. but this year i'll be focusing on my work. but i want you here with me, so don't get possessive over me or get jealous with other girls. but, one thing for sure, i'll protect you and i'll be protective over you babe...

so, is he into this or just like a fling?


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  • Yeah he is trying to be over protective trust me, this guy is trying to keep you from somebody else

    • I guess so since he found out that there were several other guys who approaches me too. but I set my eyes and heart for this one actually.. thank youu :)


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  • How old are you? It could mean exactly what he says. Or he could be playing the field and is trying to keep you at bay. I wouldn't advise you to start getting suspicious though.

    • I'm 22 and he's 25. Thanks anyway, he just make it official though not so long ago. hahaha

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  • Maybe he really means it, and you could be dating in the future. So just watch him and pay attention to what he does and says. If he said he doesn't want to see anyone then he only has his eyes on you and only you. And he does want you in his life, he said don't get jealous because there is nothing to be jealous of. He is totally into you.