Girls, what can I do to help me gain confidence to talk to a girl?

Ok so I am trying to get this girl interested in me, but every time I try to talk to her I mess up and say something stupid. I am too nervous to ever talk to a girl is there anything that can help me out to gain confidence?


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  • I once had a guy compliment my eye lashes , he asked me to close my eyes so he could see then properly and he made a sneaky move -once I got over the initial fright I taught it was cute and funny and it really broke the ice !
    I also would recommend maybe talking to her on Facebook or through text if you have her number and get to know her that way then it is easier to talk face to face
    Or alternatively, talk to her when you are both with a group of friends and just casually start chatting , start with simple things like how are you? How's work/school/holidays etc...
    And if u feel like your going to say something stupid, you have your crew with you to laugh it off !

    I hope this helped ;)


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  • Just remind yourself that's she a regular human being too. She has flaws and imperfections (no matter how much you like her or how great you think she is). Girls have insecurities too. Talk to her like you would if she was one of your friends, (*but leave out the fart jokes and expletives). Compliment her a little on something. Keep it casual but classy.


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  • Force yourself to approach women for two reason. One to build up your confidence when they respond positively and two to learn how to deal with rejection. Make it a joke so the sting is not so bad. Use cute one liners like "Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should l I walk by again?"... Possibly, "I'm not trying to impress you or anything, but... I'm Batman!"... Make them laugh, even if they say no It won't be so bad. Girls love humor, they love a confident man also.