Torn between two men. Help please?

I am being forced to make a decision , but I don't know who I should be with.

Guy one: old friend, I feel financially and emotionally safe with him. He knows where is headed in life. He is my age. Very respectful. I have to try and put effort into talking to him. Physical appearance wise he is chubby.

Guy two: someone I met at a party, two years younger, physical and emotional chemistry. He knows what I'm thinking without asking. We have no problem talking. I feel like his mother sometimes. Physical appearance wise he is one inch shorter than me.


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  • Doesn't exactly sound like you're into either. You don't HAVE to choose either. If you aren't sure about one than don't pick either of them.

    My guess is that in you're head you know which one you'd be happier with but you want someone to give you the green light so to speak.

    Unless I'm wrong, in which case, stay single.


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  • Neither is my knee jerk reaction. If you can live without him, he's not really a candidate, presuming you're in the market for something long term.


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  • My sister was at the same crossroads and few years ago and this is what I told her :

    (theoretically) ** If you found out tomorrow that BOTH of these guys suddenly got married to other people, WHO would you be more upset over? **

    Your automatic response. THAT'S the one u should go for. Don't over-think it. Go with your gut.

  • Guy one sounds great - but are you sexually attracted to him?

    Guy two sounds romantic - but is he immature, if you feel like his mother sometimes? How long have you known him?

  • i think guy one wins!