Online Dating Tips From Women for a Man?

Just curious to know what the widely help perception of online dating is. I have always thought it was just for desperate losers. However, I hope that is not the case bc now I'm using the service. I am wanting some opinions from women on what they look for online. What are some ways to get a woman's attention without seeming creepy and or desperate bc I am neither. Any tips would be much appreciated. Preferably from Women. Thanks.


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  • Don't write "I'll fill this out later" anywhere

    Don't complain about past relationships or women in general in your profile. Don't say things like "looking for an honest loyal girl, if there is any out there" or "where are all the good girls?" Just be positive in your profile

    Use a good picture. I know it's obvious but some that guys use are terrible terrible. Especially don't pose with a gun. Unless you're james bond. Use at least one picture of you doing something like I don't know skiing, hiking, climbing, playing some sport...

    And when you message her, at least say a small thing specific to her profile. Not just hi and not a long story about yourself that you copy and past everywhere. I think complementing on looks is not the best way to go. A friend of mine once got a message along the lines of "I like how your body is so thin and tight" weird!

    Actually DO read her profile. And avoid questions she already answered in there

    There are a lot of weird people and loser on those side of both genders, but also a few good ones. Especially if you use the paid sites. For the free ones you'll probably need some patience


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  • One of the best relationship I had, I found him through dating site. And now we are exclusive for 3 months.

    We have this perception that it is better to meet someone as friend's friend or acquiantance. We have different personalities and the essence of a success in finding someone is the "magic" or compatibility thing. I've met guys through friends of friends but none of it worked. We jus didn't clicked. You'll find someone who you can share same interests with. Believe me.

    I left my profile as simple as this, "I want to meet my bestfriend, my enemy and my lover as we both grow old together". Playing mysterious type so we have a lot to discuss during the phase of getting to know each other. Talk is cheap honey. Leave them not expecting because on what you indicate in your profile. You'll just disappoint them.

  • Izzy gave great advice.

    I'll add to try to look for women you have things in common with and don't just chase after the ones who look the best to you.

    See if a friend can take a pic, so it's not a selfie. The angle is better.

    Steer away from people who show too much skin in their profile - usually attention whores (male and female).

    If you have a pet - pet pictures are cute. But only one. Some guys try to take pics with other people's kids, but I think that seems like it's trying too hard, honestly.

    Proofread and use spellcheck.

  • Don't talk about your magic stick

  • Have good pictures

  • Be REAL. Put what you like. Don't put fake likes. Don't act fake. Be open. Be honest. Nothing is more disappointing than finding the perfect person and then figuring out they lied about their likes.


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  • Lots of shirtless pics and pics of you holding your cat.

    Talk about being rich, having a big dick, how much you hate your ex girlfriends..

    Lie about your height.

    Lie about lots, just make yourself look good.

    When you message her, leave the subject line blank, and in the message, just right "Hey sexy ;)"

    Do the opposite of everything I just said.