How can a girl you date that you feel so compatible with just dump you out of the blue?

I have dated this really nice girl for about 3 weeks and everything seemed to come together so naturally. She even told me I was the best boyfriend ever just yesterday and this morning she dumped me... I feel I did something wrong but I am still a virgin at 18 by choice and well I am extremely clueless as to what caused this. It is almost like a punch in the guy when a girl you like dumps you and you don't know why. Call me crazy but what the hell happened? Is being a virgin at 18 a bad thing too?


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  • its a common thing...ive liked this one guy forever and he liked me too..were both made for each other...and I've tried asking him out but he just won't take things further...and its not tht he's not into me..he hasn't dating any other other...i just don't know why...

    i do know he has other ambitions like career and studying to focus he doesn't want me distracting him...

    people have their own reasons...sometimes its the most simplest one that no one would really understand...

    this girl of yours just sounds like she's not ready to date...believe it or not some people are not good daters...they age slowly and are afraid to committ and don't know how they really feel...and may be when you are really compatible and everything is goign so well, deep down, they feel guilty for some reason...may be because they don't see a future with you, or they have other ambitions, or they don't wanna lead you on until its too coud be anything yet the reason may be the simplest...

    just ask her and call it a day =)

    • Sorry for spelling mistakes! lol I wrote this in a nano second!

      ** he hasn't dated any other girl***


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  • Don't be silly. WHy are you comparing the age of virginity to what society thinks. If its by choice then be confident in that.

    As far as she is. People at 18 are young in mind aka immaturity. Young kids dump each other all the time for the most retarded reasons.

  • Being a virgin at 18 isn't a bad thing at all. Don't think that you need to have sex in order to keep a girl. I think you need to ask her straight up why she did because you need closure about it. It isnt' fair to you to just leave you hanging like that if you really liked her. Just try talking it out with her and figure out what went wrong Maybe she just isn't ready or mature enough for a serious relationship.

  • there could be many reasons why she broke up with you.

    i highly doubt its because your a virgin, if so that's pathetic I think:)

    me myself, I'm not a virgin.

    it's nothing to be ashamed of

    your virginity is something that you should chose carefully to whom you lose it to.

    that person will have something amazing, that no one else has

    when I did it, it was out of love

    and I still do it with that same person

    i don't blame you for not being a virgin

    wait for someone you love..:) cause if you do it for the sake of not being a virgin then you will regret it.

    you don't want that:}


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  • First thing you should do is ask her why. Tell her you don't care if she dumped you but you do care to know at least why.

    • I did not really care that she dumped me after she said I was being mean when I am a really nice person. She is kind of manipulative too. When I simply asked her why she broke up with me she would not even tell me and I think because she wanted to make me mad. I am over it now and thanks for the advice. I don't think she is the girl for me. She is nice but she keeps changing her mind about dating me every few days. Also she is not a virgin and she keeps saying I deserve someone better.

  • You keep bringing up you being a virgin. What does this have to do with her breaking up with you? Did she dump you over being a virgin? Can you prove that?

    If she did, who cares. Forget about her and move on. If she didn't, maybe she had second thoughts, or maybe she just didn't want to be tied down. There's no reason to panic and start thinking of all sorts of reasons as to why she left you. The more you realize that, the less time you'll have spent wasting on her.

    • Thank you for your advice. I don't know why I was even so worried about the whole deal. Everything is cool now with her though. we are just friends for now. She said she dumped me because she does not want to put stress on me becuase she just started college and we would not get to see each other all thath much. I have moved on and thank you guys for the advice. I feel there is a much better girl for me in college or near future.

  • if she broke up with you because you are a virgin then it sounds like to me that she is just a swinger. Don't worry there are always other girls out there who will respect you and treat you better. This girl could have also just led you on I'm sorry to say but its kinda rare to see a from what I got from your story a perfect relationship brak for no reason. there are endless possiblities but don't focus on those and just be focus on yourself and who you want

  • I wouldn think its a bad thing to still be a virgin at 18, a lot of guys will give you crap for it but forget them. Its oyour choice who you give it to and you can only be a virgin once, so be careful who you give it too. And as for the sudden dumop thing I don't know what to tell you except to try and talk with her about it, find out what's up.

  • She probably found some other guy she liked more, a lot of girls at this age will date several guys at once but try to keep it on the down low till they find the one they can take the most from.

  • Well, the best way to go about this is to just ask her. I have no clue about the virgin thing, I'm 19 and still a virgin, and I don't think that's ever really been a problem.

    Maybe its just how she feels, like she's nervous because you are the best and she's afraid you won't be forever.

    I got dumped about three weeks ago from a two week relationship where I felt the compatibility was awesome. The reason, after I asked, "I'm not sure if I like you or don't, it keeps switching back and forth and I'll never make a decision". I'm still not satisfied by it, but she swears that's the reason.

    Mainly that anecdote was to say watch out, because even if you find out the reason you may not like it. Also be prepared for there being nothing you can do about it.

    Sorry if this answer is way gloomy, but I hope it helped you out some