So your dating a guy and he takes another girl home only to tell me she slept on couch and nothing happened. . hmmmm?

Why would your boyfriend take another girl home only to tell me we just had drinks and she was drunk and slept on couch OR... takes another girl motorcycle riding and says we are just friends.. I call that a PLAYER AND SNAKE.


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  • Ok so first off just assume nothing did happen, are you ok with him bringing drunk girls back to his place to crash for the night? If i was you i wouldn't.

    The friend one can be legitimate excuse in rare cases. They've known each other a few decades, there's no attraction... Here's the thing if she really was his friend she'd know that's kinda crossing a line and disrespecting his relationship with you.

    Talk to him and let him know it bothers you. If he gives you a string of excuses and acts indignant well... it's time to re-evaluate the relationship.

    • This has continued with many women.. I always get "nothing happened"! What a snake!


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  • WTF! Ha...

    If she was an old friend... maybe... heavy maybe
    She was drunk out of her mind... maybe.

    Other than that... I say he fucked her.

    Motorcycle ride can be different and not lead to sex. Same girl on the bike is on the couch... $100 they are fucking. Real talk.


    • Thanks everyone for the opinion. . this has happened with 4 other women.. I just let it go.. but not anymore!!!

  • LOL!.. I have a girlfriend and sometimes my female friends stay over to sleep after partying. they stay on the couch and nothing ever happened.. so don't worry.

  • I'm unsure if you're dating him or he's your boyfriend. If he's...

    ... your boyfriend, you need to dump him, he's a cheater

    ... dating you then it's okay because you guys are not exclusive


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  • If this is a serious situation, DUMP HIS ASS!!!

    If not, I would dump his ass for cheating on me.