I hate my odd laugh and feel embarrassed about it?

When I'm with my date, sometimes something funny will happen, and I start laughing like crazy. My laugh sounds like a poor wheezing dog. There is SOOOOO much wheezing sounds when I laugh. It's hard to get rid of. I haven't asked my date about it yet, but guys, would a girl be less sexy if she had such an odd laugh?


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  • I wouldn't bother me.
    I remember to this day back in grade school a kid we'll call James McMenemie made so much fun of my laugh that I now suppress it & kind of chuckle.
    If it bothers you just kind of smile & chuckle.


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  • I would not mind at all, personally I would see it as just who you are and a qwerk about you.
    P. s. my laugh is loud and hysterical, when I start to chuckle others laugh at my laugh.

  • Awwwww a girl whose insecure about her laugh. I don't find many things cute but that is one of the cutest things.


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