How to cancel date plans nicely with a guy?

I have already canceled on him about 3 times. I feel horrible but I just don't have the time right now to go out for drinks after work. I don't want him to think I'm not interested though, how can I cancel nicely? For a 4th time? :(


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  • something along the lines of this...
    'I hate to have to do this and I know you probably aren't going to think I'm just stringing you along but I can't make it. I'm really busy with work and probably need to really consider when I'm free because it isn't fair to you to make plans and break them. I understand if you think this is something against you, but I hope you'll understand and want to make plans for some other time'

    on your part you need to be better about knowing your schedule and being more reliable. don't commit to something if you more than likely aren't going to be able to follow through. just work on that

    • Thank you. He seemed upset when I told him I don't have the time to date right now but I was interested in getting to know him eventually. Unfortunately my job and schedule runs my life right now and I have very little free time. He was upset but understood and told me to contact him when I know I'll have more free time.

    • thanks for MH.


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  • just apologize and say you'll make it up to him. you can even just be honest and say that you are interested and not avoiding him on purpose its just a coincidence that you happen to be super busy at the moment.

  • It is so simple, you tell him why are unable to make this date and YOOU set up the next date, take the initiative to show you are interested in him.

  • You lowdown dirty bitch.


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