How would you feel about dating someone who?

Interracial dating seems like something a lot more prevalent now than ever before or at least from what I've personally seen. Still though, it seems rare to see a white man dating a black woman and I was wondering why that is. It could be because I don't get out much but who knows? I do live in the south but it's very common to see white women and black men, black women and hispanic men, white women and hispanic men, etc. What are y'all's thoughts?


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  • I really like black girls but find it almost impossible to ask or approach, i dont care about others at all but i suppose i always think that they would think im asking cos im curious rather than i find them attractive if that makes sense?


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  • It's rare to meet a black woman who's attracted to white men. It's rare to find a white man that's attracted to black women.