What would be a good way to ask a guy out without drama?

Okay the title is weird so my relationships have led to creepy psycho guys who apparently have a tighter p*ssy than me because they act like a little bitch. Now I've decided to try to have another relationship and I think this guy at work won't be a waste of time hopefully so I've decided id see if he likes me but I don't know how to because I don't want am awkward environment at work I wouldn't care but people make big deals out of things at my work and I font want to deal wtth shit like my last relationship at work so what would be a good way to all him out with out drama


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  • You don't have to make it a grand scene when you ask him out. A lot of guys like trying to make asking girls out a bigger deal than it is. Don't make that mistake. All you have to do is pull him aside one day, as discrete as you like, and be like "hey, there's this thing, want to go with me?" You can discuss it being a date after, before, or even during the date but it doesn't have to be a date right away, just two coworkers going to hang out.


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  • Girls say all the time to "just ask". So just do it. I just walked into her office and said," I am here to ask you out". I admit my heart was in my throat but she said ok. We had a wonderful date. I planned everything. I am a bit old-fashioned and believed that her only requirement on a date with me was to relax and enjoy without worry. Just do it!

    • The thing is if I do there will be drama and he is really shy and if anyone talks about him he gets flustered and I find it cute but when we talk he says he hates when people talk about him I dont want to. make him uncomfortable

    • Ask him privately. Pull him into somewhere private. Ask him after work. Where there is a will, there is a way. Always be discreet. Do not be discouraged.

  • Get tickets to a cool sports event... tell him a friend backed out and you want him to go...


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