So I like this coworker but she won't go out with me.. but she likes me back?

So I like this coworker very much and we've gone out a few times and we've slept together multiple times. I asked her to go out with me, but she said she wasn't over her ex. He committed suicide after they had an argument, she was very committed to him, and I don't want to pressure her into a relationship. But I like her very much and want more than the casual relationship we have. How do I take this? I want to go out and have a real relationship with her, but I don't think she will say yes even if I do.

So as a follow up a bit late. We are dating now and she's moved on from him. She and I started sleeping together which actually lead to a trip with a fellow coworker out of town for a few days, she got drunk and slept with another guy and we had a big argument. And after a few days our tempers cooled. We started talking again. I went on a vacation for a few weeks out of the country and when I came back we started officially dating.


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  • What about what she wants and needs? Do you really want to date a woman who is still very likely in love with a man who is now dead, and that's the only reason she's even available? If you really care about her, you need to back off and wait until she is ready, or distance yourself if you don't feel that you be around her if not with her.


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  • You have to distance yourself from her, and go back to just being a friend. You don't want to end up as the rebound.

  • Unfortunately u have to give her space. It's a traumatic thing to be possibly the cause if someone's suicide. She's afraid of caring about someone. Give her space


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