How can girls expect guys to want to continue dating them when the guy is the only one initiating contact?

How can girls expect guys to want to continue dating them when the guy is the only one initiating contact


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  • Unless all men in the world go gay or are asexual men aren't going to stop wanting them.

    Considering that there is a large variety of men/women who have varied personality types, you question doesn't make much sense.

    There are women/men who are passive.
    There are women/men who are aggressive.
    And there are women/men who are somewhere in the middle between passive/aggressive.

    Some of them have trouble dating, and some of them don't. As with any scenario in life, your chances of succeeding/getting what you want improve when you are proactive. Your chances of having a social life of any kind are slim to none if you just sit in the house all day waiting for a stranger to beat on your door.


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  • Uh you are kidding right?
    I had to fucking initiate everything with my ex. It was so irritating.
    I had to kiss him first, text him first, anything first or I would never get anything out of him.

  • Because you're the hunter, and we're the gatherers.

    • So guys should spend all their days making their girls feel wanted while they themselves feel unwanted?

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    • What are examples of positive feedback

    • Positive feedback would be in the form of a lot of smiles and hanging on every word you say.

  • It depends on the person. I know girls who never initiate, meanwhile the last guy I was with I had to initiate all the time: I had to give him my number, ask him out, and kiss him. The guy I'm talking to now, it's an even trade off: we each initiate conversations and so far its working.
    Some girls don't mind initiating. Some girls are shy and are scared to make the first move because they're scared they'll be annoying and don't want to bother you.

  • She could be really shy and insecure. She might not be sure that you like her, or she doesn't believe it. It sounds weird, but i know some girls that just can't believe the guy she likes would like her back. As if it's almost too good to be true. So she doesn't initiate contact because she's afraid you'll say no


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  • I know eh... fook.

  • i hate having to always lead all the damn time

  • Women and girls are selfish, shallow, superficial and conceded.

    • How can you expect girls to like you if you call them selfish, shallow, superficial and conceded?

    • @haven't- Probably because he's a "nice guy" LMAO!