Why did he ask if I'm jealous or mad?

I had a things with this guy but then I told him I don't wanna do anything with him anymore and then he was trying to get at my friend and I ask him if he's trying to get at her and I said why? He looked down and said he like her. His vioce is really low he didn't wanna have eyes contact with me. Then he ask me if " I'm jealous or mad?" And he started smiling really hard.. Why did he do that? Even tho he told me he doesn't like me, but that moment when I talk to him. He seems soo shy and and move around a lot.. And never even have eyes contacts with me why? Why would he ask that?


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  • Because he still likes you. He wants to see if you still care or if it bothers you that someone else has his attention. From the sound of it, you may have cut him off abruptly. That can hurt his ego. Did you give him a reason why you wanted to end things?

    • He told me himself that he didn't have feeling for me so I told him. Then I guess we're done. He hurt me. I've try to talks to guys and his friends but he would have attitude toward me and have that side comment or being mean. Like why? He flirt when her right in front of me... Like he doesn't give a care anyone.

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  • He still likes you