Please help me out I can't seem to get this figured?

I'm always clean and well dressed but it seems that its not enough. when I go up to a girl to talk to her I usually start with a question to see if she's interested but apparently only 10% show some kind of interest and it never passes the stage of asking about college related stuff that's all. now the big question is I wear glasses because my eyesight is a bit weak due to my parents being relatives. So do the glasses decrease my chances?


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  • Nope glasses aren't a deal breaker. You can always wear lens if you want. You might be doing something else wrong, I don't think your glasses is a problem.

    • lens are harmful if you ware them a lot. probably I'm doing something wrong.

    • Yes but only if you don't take care of your eyes. I do like wearing lens when I go out.

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  • I don't think your glasses are the problem at all. I like glasses on guys actually. Maybe try asking them about something more interesting. Asking about college can be an easy light convo, but asking about something more exciting or interesting to them would start a longer conversation.

  • I love glasses on a guy. So not a deal breaker for me.


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