Is there any way to break up with someone without hurting them?

Hi, so, I have a major issue. I'm currently in a relationship.

This guy loves me, and I love him. We've been dating for about a month 1/2, and in my eyes, it isn't going to work out. He's two years (almost three) younger than I, and his parents really do disapprove of the relationship. Well, at least, his mum does -- I don't know about his dad.

But his mum is just so rude to him about our relationship, and I don't want him to get yelled at. She always fusses b/c he talks a lot about me, apparently. She's just so rude to him! And when we weren't in a relationship, she was the sweetest thing ever to him! I don't understand!

I just hate seeing her get cruel towards him. Breaking off the relationship will hurt me, too -- but I don't want his mother to just be completely rude to him. I think and feel as though I'm doing the right thing; I just need to know if I am, and how I can kindly break up with him.


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  • Be kind but honest. Tell them you don't feel the two of you are a good match, but you wish them the best and appreciate the (good) time you two spent together.

    Don't lie, don't make up stories, and definitely tell them face-to-face.


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  • Not, if they are in love. There is no way.


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  • Hey Pipsani! If he genuinely loves you (and it sounds like he does) and you break things off with him, its going to hurt. And my bet it is, you'll be hurt too. That being said, I totally get the whole parents being against it and you want to do him a favor but in all reality, you won't be doing him any favors. He's becoming an adult and one day he won't have to rely on his parent's to support him and he'll make his own decisions. If you two are happy together and love each other, that's a hard thing to find, don't let anyone ruin that. You both deserve what you want :) Good Luck girl.