Things girls love that guys do on their first date?

Girls, can you list things you love on your first date with a guy please? Id like to know why you you love these things


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  • Mutual attraction and enjoyable company is really the key for me.


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  • 1. Listen to her
    2. Share things about yourself too... just don't get too carried away
    3. Make jokes... according to the girl... you'll know the kind of jokes to make
    4. Hold her hand... ease into it... don't rush and just grab her hand
    5. And to close everything up... A kiss *how cliche but true*... you decide what kind of kiss... whether a cheek, forehead or mouth.
    6. Message her after you two get home

    • I think kissing to cheek is girly thing. And when i should hold his hand and when i need to say goodbye?

    • Hold hands when you guys are sharing a moment or when walking side by side... slip your hands into his

  • A few guys have kissed me on the forehead and it's the cutest thing ever, it's a bit weird to initiate though

    • kissing a person for the first time is always weird to initiate

  • I love it, when they listen and tell me about themselves too! and when they hold my hand and a nice kiss at the end of the night!

    • my succesful rate of kissing in first date is about 20%. And when its good to end the first date to not to get rejected?

What Guys Said 1

  • On a first date I'd talk and listen for a long time, to learn each others expectations.

    • I do these basic things anyway, but something very nice to do