What should I do in this situation? he is confusing me so much?

I have been dating this guy for awhile now, we use be friends but stop speaking then started again and he never actually asked me out, but he kisses me and sleeps at mine without expecting sex and we cuddle and he takes me out and his friends want to meet me but he has never mentioned dating to me! last Saturday was when i last saw him and normally we'd text a lot and this week he has been distance, he barely speaks to me now and when he does its short and then he takes hours to reply back, nothing new happen on the Saturday we was together, i briefly met his friend for like 2mins, we went out for walk and went and got food! their was nothing weird or new and now i just feel like he has gone off me or is seeing other girls! and honestly it hurts a lot i have had a crush on him since last year! i have no idea what to do i am not normally they girl he would like, i'm more girly and he dates those scene girls with those or hair dye and eye make up! and me im just girly! im confused and lost and have no idea what to do


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  • If he's like this for a few days then be honest and just ask him if you're missing something or if something's wrong. Don't let yourself get too confused because then you start to create your own scenarios of what's up or blame yourself when you've done nothing. Best thing to do if it's really bugging you, Speak to him, communicate your concerns. X


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  • Yeah, the worst you can do is just not say anything and let it eat you up. Just sit him down and ask him where you two stand in the relationship.


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