He's my everything but I'm his nothing?

Well, Iv been taking to the same guy for almost three months. Iv told him my deepest secrets and he's told me some crazy things as well. When we're together there's no one but us in the world but the minute he drops me off it feels like I'm abandoned. He doesn't text me or anything for day's, even if I text him. When I last saw him a couple days ago we were suppose to hang out and go all the way. But he never came, or texted, or called. This is the first guy I REALLY like. I don't even like to text other guys, I only want him.

He says he thinks of me all the time but why not text or call me! The fact that he stood me up really hurt. I don't know if I should just stop talking to him and move on or keep him around. I know I'll never meet anyone like him agen. And that's a fact, but I'm if I can deal with the constant questioning feeling I give myself every hour he doesn't text or call me. Help?


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  • Sounds like a player to me. I doubt there's much of a future there. However, I see you are pretty young and we all need to learn from our mistakes. Just be careful about 'going all the way'... you don't want to end up being a single mother. You should be his everything too! I wouldn't accept anything less.


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  • It sounds pretty 1 sided to me honestly. The other thought is he is unsure what he wants or he is a player.


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  • This sucks but I don't think that he's ready to invest in your nor a relationship so I would save myself the heartache and not go all the way.