I think I might have a crush on my professor, and I kinda think he does to. should I make a move after graduation?

I'm graduating in a year. and my professor is like 6 years older than me. I never felt like this before and I know it might sound stupid. but he always stares at me and as soon as I look at him he turns away. also every time we had a conversation he tries to avoid any eye contact with me. I am a good student, but I still feel like he is being too kind to me while grading my papers and exams. I had 3 classes with him so far and it's just driving me crazy that I can't do anything, because of the rules!


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  • From stories I have heard along these lines they never go well. But hey the possibility is there and 6 years isn't huge.
    You have to protect yourself and ask questions like. Does he want something from you? He is in a position of power over you after all and that is a big thing.

    If you do intent to pursue this then waiting until you graduate not because of the rules but to protect yourself is the safest option. After that see if he still acts the same, know what I mean?


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  • Do not date him while you are still doing your degree at that university. You may lose your ability to graduate (at least, that's a possible penalty at my university).

    At my university, they advise that should a student be in such a situation, the responsible thing to do is ask to change classes so that a different teacher is teaching you.

  • this doesn't mean he likes you , i wouldn't even after graduation