What do guys like in a girl physically and emotionally... Viceversa too. What do girls like in a guy?

I want to know in detail what do guys like about girls and what do girls like about guys. Like i wanna know hair color, skin tone, short hair or long hair, tall guys vs short girls. Do girls like guys who are sensitive. Do guys like girls who are out going laugh a lot constantly happy. Im sure you get the point. No judgement here if you think your shallow or picky thats fine i just want opinions on the topic.


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  • What I like in a girl personality wise would be that she is caring and supportive in my ambitions in life, but is also ambitious with what she wants and pursues things, she has to have a great sense of humor. I would like her to be happy all the time because I'd want to be the one to make her happy, but also I know that is unrealistic and would appreciate whatever emotions she shows because it would give more depth to her character. She has to love nature, batman, is adventurous and supernatural, and cuddling watching tv haha. Looks wise she at max height would have to be 5'7(don't want her to Be taller than me) min height 5'1. Is athletic and takes care of herself, has a nice tan. doesn't drown herself in makeup. She has to have a really pretty face with a beautiful smile, I can't date a girl who may have a rockin body but has a nasty face. Hair color doesn't matter too much, I prefer Brown, but some girls look nice with a sorta scene look with blonde and purple hair. She would also have to respect herself and doesn't take Shit from anyone.

    • Haha sounds like me... i wish i could find more girls like that for guys. Im always trying to help my guy friends find the perfect girl who they can be with.

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  • tall girls 5'5" - 5'7", white, big boobs..

    • Hm ok... Anthing personality wise?

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    • No, that's why haha it's sexy accent for women

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