Guys: what should I say to you when you've lost interest in me?

I was supposed to hang out with this guy I've slept before with this weekend but he never texted me first or said when to meet up. Its been two days since weve talked should i message him being like lets hang out? He makes this really good drink that I like and no one else can make it

  • text him now
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  • wait a few days even though it really hurts
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  • If he lost interest in you after sex then the last thing u wanna do is try to impress him. Most likely the more u try, the more you'll turn him away.

    On the other hand, its only been two days. How are u so sure that he has completely lost interest in you? I say just chill. Dont text him. Dont try to impress him. If he calls u great. If not then
    dont stress over ANY guy. Thats the motto.