I've figured, I'm a complete idiot to girls and I need some advice?

I feel that I only make a good first impression to girls, and then after that either we stop talking or one of us begins to hate each other for whatever reason. I need some advice on how to continuously make conversation with a teen girl and how to approach them correctly, I normally just come up with a cheesy pick up line or something and I don't think that's right. Please help, thanks.


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  • Its consensual right?
    So communication is the key to success of establishing a relationship. If your a one-night stand guy go to a bar, get chatting and then the next morning she's gone.
    Ask appropriate questions about them, compliment them as well. But yea don't be cheesy about it. Talk about work or study (basically anything that sounds intelligent), say things about how nice her clothes look.
    Once you get to know her and you feel an actual attraction ask her phone number or ideally you give yours. But if things are going great ask her out on a date. Some random places could be coffee shops, movies, park etc. Be creative and always be a good listener.


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  • well cheesy pick up lines only work on some girls not all. Dont try it on all girls cause some would just think you're a jerk :L but yeah just approach them nicely, try to start a convo that you know they would be able to continue also.
    But really just be yourself , the correct girl will come to you :)

    • Thanks for the reply, but like what type of conversation do you want to have? Like I don't get what to start with, I guess I'm alright from then on, but what does the girl want to hear to start with?

    • Well it really depends on the girl. If you try to approach a certain girl, you must know at least some things they're interested in or just strike up a normal everyday convo :)

  • find something your both have in common, whether it be a sport, band, hobby andy thing. take the lead also a girl likes somebody who is in control and just be yourself, also when in a relationship dont change and become all sweet and gentle that can make a girl get bored real quick


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  • Wearing masks is an art, and quite frankly, not one you should practice if you are genuine.

    Be confident with who you are. Girls really aren't all that different from guys, just raised and trained differently.