What if both the guy and girl have trust issues?

Do you think such kind of relationship can work if they both are ready to make efforts? Or would it end up badly?

What if they both appreciate each others strength despite being through hardships, but are quite cautious regarding relationships?


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  • My best friend is going through this. She is 23 he is 24. When we were in 8th grade she cheated on him. 4 years ago they made their way back to each other and they still can not get past their trust issues. They break up every 4-6 months for a month or two. Good luck with it. It can be down. But you have to build the trust and give them the benefit of the doubt.


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  • not a good idea... there will always be fights

  • I was in a situation like that a while ago and it was fun but we visited both wanted to be wi th other peoplevwhilst still wanting each other. He set things up for me to try and catvh me out (told his brother to try snf have sec with me) and I fell for it so st the end of it we didn't trust eachother and whildt the relationship worked for a while we had to end it because of trust. Ultimately a relationship idnt a relationship without trust