What other options besides online dating are there for a guy with no friends to get a date?

Please don't mention to me about about having confidence and going up to talk to girls. It doesn't work. If one was to approach any random girl on the street and walk up to her with confidencevand start talking to her and telling her,

"Hey, I have trouble with girls, can you be my friend? Can I have your number and we can have a decent conversation to know each other better and start dating when the feeling is mutual."

I highly doubt this will work. Girls will find the guy creepy and desperate. So are there other ways a guy with no friends can get to know girls and have a serious r/s?


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  • Tsk, tsk, tsk. I can see your problem.
    Correction: You would go up to a girl in a comfortable setting and say whatever smooth line guys are using these days and keep your personal issues to yourself.

    But in general, even if you don't have friends, in order to meet someone offline you have no choice but to go to social or public places (which is pretty much anywhere outside your home, except for a library)


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  • If you are religious you could meet guys at church. Or maybe going to a library well dressed and chatting with some of the woman there. Or try www.meetup.com - I've never used it but most of my friends have been on that site meeting people. Also try a swimming pool or a public karoake bar.

  • Some dating sites are better than others, I've heard tinder is just an ego boost/hookup site for most people, and pof seems to be a lot of casual people, ok Cupid has both casual and commitment seekers- and usually they say so. Those are the free ones. I've heard match is good too but it cost.
    If you don't have friends and don't want to go up to a girl the Internet is a good option. I found my boyfriend there and I know many great relationships started there. It took me over a year to find him. Which meant a lot of bad dates... But in that time you build confidence and you find out what works with the opposite sex and what doesn't. Practice makes perfect. So when you do meet the one you have some experience and don't mess it up too badly :)


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  • Do you have tinder, it could be considered online dating but it is slightly different to most, try using that it's a great way to meet local people!