I still really like my ex-boyfriend, and I have a feeling he likes me too, but we dont talk?

i really like my ex-boyfriend, and i think he likes me too, but we completely stopped talking to each other after he broke up with me. our relationship wasn't that good when he asked me out, and it didn't get any better. we went out for a month and a half. he was nice to me. it was just very, very awkward. we finally held hands after a while and we had an awkward first kiss... he kissed under my bottom lip and then walked away really fast. we had one class together, but we didn't even talk, his friends would tell him to sit with me, and he would, but we didn't have anything to talk about. everyday after that class we would walk together to my class. after school we would text but i hated texting him. we always had the same conversation: -hey...-hey...-whats up...-nothing much, you?- nothing. that was our conversation. once in a while we would really open up. once, only once is when we talked about our feelings toward each other, i told him that i loved him, and he said it back. and then the last day before Christmas break, he broke up with me. i cried for days. i missed him so much. what really broke my heart was that he never spoke to me or even looked at me when we got back to school. not even a glance. he even unfollowed me on instagram. his friends would say "oh hey, isn't that ur ex" every time we passed by each other, and still never looked at me. but still really liked him, but i knew he didn't like me so i kinda forgot about him for a while. until recently. he requested to folllow me again, he liked all of the pictures of me... before summer vacation he even started looking at me a lot. so i kinda think he likes me again. i still have his number, and I've been thinking about texting him, but also what if im wrong? what if he doesn't really like me and im just over analyzing everything? should i text him? or should i just leave it alone?


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  • Text him. But in doing so, be sure to ask him for an explanation as to why her broke up with you, if he has not already. If he explanation seems unreasonable or unsatisfactory, then walk. By all means, do not reinvest in a guy who feels he can come and go in your life when it's suitable for him.


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  • Just text him asking how he's doing. But now that you're out of the relationship maybe you'll be able to get to know each other more and it won't be so awkward.