Is it bad that I still love her?

So I posted before about a girl that I love and most of you said that she likes me and that I should tell her how I feel so I did and she told me that it is so sweet and that she likes being friends but that she can't get in a relationship now cuz she is seeing someone else, I was sad about that for a couple of days but I still love her and I don't know what to do:(


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  • I'm so sorry :(
    It's not bad to love someone; it's not like you can really help it.
    Just stay friends with her and don't cause her to cheat on her boyfriend. If you can't stand to be with her when you can't have her completely, try to withdraw from her a bit and don't hang out with her so much.

    • The problem is that before I told her how I feel I spent most of my time every day thinking about her and when I told her I started to think about her even more , I am happy that someone makes her feel happy and I dont want her to cheat on him or anything but I am living in pain , as much as I tried to make my self busy by hanging out with my friends I still get thoughts about her a lot but yoir help really means a lot to me, thank you

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    • Thanks for MH!
      With the guy I like:
      I haven't told him yet, but I'm getting a friend to get his number for me so that I can. If he won't give his number, then obviously he's not interested.

    • i hope that he will :)


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  • We'll I don't know I definitely wouldn't stop dating for her because your single and while she's taken you should respect tht she's involved with someone and explore other options while waiting for her to become available. And if she willing to cheat she's not even worth it because she might end up doing tht same thing to you when you are together... karma

  • This is hard. I'm sorry she didn't return your feelings. That hurts a lot--I think that the best thing right now and is to make some space between you two. Hang out with other friends, and keep busy. It'll distract you and don't overanalyze, that's the danger... it's definitely hard to not dwell on it, but you have to manage as well as you can. The feeling will fade if you put some space between you guys.

    Good luck!

  • Love is never a bad thing. Love is a wonderful, painful, exciting, scary, risky, adventurous, fantastic thing that should be enjoyed while it lasts, even if it is not returned. However, do not let it consume you. It can also wreck you emotionally.

  • I know the feeling. A guy that I obsess over and literally is the core of my life atm said he doesn't talk to girls and that he only will focus on girls in grade twelve. He hangs out with girls all the time and I bet he will date his close friend, so he broke my heart. I still love him though, and everything from pools to lacrosse to poutine reminds me of him. It hurts but I guess I will just love him forever. Oh well, forever alone right? :/

    • Why do we always have to be separated from the ones we love :(

    • I know right? You love someone, they don't love you. I am not good enough for anyone. I admit a lot of people like me but I do not feel the same way. I just wish I had mutual feelings with someone. The thing is, at first I thought he cared about me and actually was interested in me. Nope. I feel worthless.

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  • Dude... you are friend zoned. You loved her it's okay. But let me tell you , we never get what we desire the most. I guess you were too nice to her and hence she was never attracted to you.
    Let her see someone but she politely rejected you. That's not a bad thing though.
    You proposed her that's good. You got the answer.
    Please don't waste your time behind her and never accept her if she ever approaches you in future.
    But move on is the only solution.