Online sites and such; are they just a waste of time?

I joined one of those dating sites the other day for curiosity. I've been striking out in person recently. Anyways, chatted with a few and got to agreeing on a meet but decided not to proceed. Maybe I'm just doing it to boost my confidence of sorts, see if anyone and who is interested. (I used unflattering pictures and info about me)

Am I making the right call essentially not following through? Time to get back in the real world?


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  • So basically you're just playing with girls who actually are trying to find something real. You're the type of person that makes other people lose faith. Why would you be a dick and toy with peoples' emotions? Karma is a bitch, that's all that I can say


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  • use it as a bit of an ego boost, but don't ever make plans that you have no intention of keeping, that just makes you a dick, and I'm sure you're not like that in real life. It's nice to be able to have a casual flirt and chat, but I wouldn't ever date someone I'd met online... But to risky in my book!


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  • Online dating is a complete waste of time and sometimes money for men. The main reason is that, the male-female ratio on dating sites is REALLY skewed (lot more men than women), so men hardly get any responses except the ones who are extremely good looking. But then again, the women wonder why these attractive guys are using dating sites while they could easily find someone in the real world, which makes them suspect that there is something 'wrong' with these guys.